Justice Augmented: Navigating the Ethical and Legal Terrains of AI Integration in International Criminal Proceedings


  • Virendra P. S. Rathod Law Student Pursuing B.A. LL.B (Hons.) at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies




Artificial intelligence, international criminal law, ethical justice, international perspectives, policy proposals


The intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and International Criminal Law has heralded an era of augmented justice, characterized by enhanced efficiency yet beset by intricate ethical and legal quandaries. The present article seeks to delve into the multifarious impacts of AI integration, dissecting the potential augmentations and the inherent complications within the enigmatic confines of international criminal proceedings. It aims to meticulously juxtapose the promises of technological advancements against the imperatives of ethical justice and legal propriety.
The article commences with a nuanced exploration of AI’s role in evidence gathering and analysis, illuminating the potential for expedited and enriched processes. Yet, the core of the discussion gravitates towards the ethical and legal predicaments of AI biases and the consequential implications on the sanctity of fair trials. The article, thus, strives to weave together the threads of accountability, transparency, and the inviolable rights of the accused in a tapestry that reflects the multifaceted challenges posed by AI.
Drawing from a rich tableau of international perspectives, including the diverse legal landscapes of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, an offering of a global vista of prevailing attitudes, policies, and frameworks governing AI in judicial systems is endeavoured. In navigating the future, the article ends with policy proposals and legal frameworks to align AI’s integration with the sacrosanct principles of international human rights and criminal justice.
It is ultimately hoped that the article, rooted in rigorous academic discourse yet resonant with broader societal implications, offers an original, refined, and critical perspective on the confluence of AI and international criminal law.




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Rathod, V. P. S. . (2023). Justice Augmented: Navigating the Ethical and Legal Terrains of AI Integration in International Criminal Proceedings. DME Journal of Law, 4(02), 14–21. https://doi.org/10.53361/dmejl.v4i02.02



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