One nation one election – a critical analysis


  • Nivedha Parthasarathy The School of Excellence in Law, Chennai, Tamil nadu, India



Simultaneous election, Election Commission, Constitutional amendments, 3 tiers of government


One nation one election is a system of election wherein the elections for all the 3 tiers of government i.e., Lok Sabha, State Assemblies and local bodies are held together on a same day. This idea is not novel as it was followed during 1952 – 1967. This paper starts with a detailed study of this concept and its history. It examines the scope of conducting simultaneous election at present and its feasibility. It analyses the pros and cons and the matters that are to be looked upon before implementing this system like constitutional amendments, preparations to be made by the Election Commission, etc. In nutshell, this paper tries to find out the possibilities of implementing this system of ‘one nation one election’ at present and all the allied measures that are to be taken to implement the same.




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Parthasarathy, N. . (2023). One nation one election – a critical analysis. DME Journal of Law, 4(01), 56–66.



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