Musical Appeal and Advertising: A Study of Audience Recall and Effectiveness


  • Sumantra S. Das Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management, Delhi, India



Musical appeal, Advertising, Recall, Survey


The study of advertising with special emphasis on appeals has been the area of interest people for long. This particular study aimed to investigate the recall of musical advertisements among the audience, compare the recall across different age groups and genders and identify popular musical advertisements. A survey was conducted using a structured questionnaire among 150 respondents, comprising various age categories and an equal proportion of males and females. The non-probability (purposive) sampling technique was employed and data analysis was performed using Datatab, an online data analysis software. The results revealed that musical ads received generally positive feedback, indicating their effectiveness in capturing audience attention. However, opinions varied concerning their attention-grabbing ability and potential to change behaviors. Nevertheless, there were no significant differences in perceptions between boys and girls, suggesting a balanced response. Additionally, age did not emerge as a decisive factor influencing recall or evaluation of musical ads.




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Das, S. S. . (2023). Musical Appeal and Advertising: A Study of Audience Recall and Effectiveness. MediaSpace: DME Media Journal of Communication, 4(01), 32–37.