DME Journal of Management 2023-08-19T07:31:37+00:00 Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p>DME Journal of Management is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary academic biannual journal. The objective of the journal is to promote individual and collaborative research on contemporary management practices and paradigms.</p> <p>The journal will invite papers on diverse areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations management, human resource management, statistics, international business, information technology, environment, risk management, globalization and related areas. Articles reflecting diversity, cross-functional nature of management and emerging concerns are also considered for publication.</p> Application-based Technology – The scope and prospects with special reference to FinTech and Sustainable businesses 2023-08-19T07:09:06+00:00 Amit Singh [email protected] Pooja Sharma [email protected] <p>The proliferation of smartphones and the widespread availability of the Internet have played a crucial role in the increasing adoption of application-based technology across various domains. From mobile applications that facilitate e-commerce and ride-hailing services to online learning platforms and telemedicine apps, the scope of application-based technology has expanded significantly. Application-based technology has become crucial in today’s banking system also. Peer to Peer Money Transfer Apps, Digital banking Apps, and Investment and Trading Apps have changed the banking landscape. Further services like Insurance, Personal Finance, and money-saving have expanded the horizon of mobile devices. This paper aims at discussing the scope and prospects covering the development of applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables in the world of Fin-tech. Lastly, it elaborates on how the Covid-19 pandemic boosted the use of technology, and embracing application-based technology for sustainability initiatives is essential for fostering a more resilient and environmentally responsible business ecosystem.</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 An Analytical Study on Green HRM Practice in Indian Corporate House 2023-08-19T07:12:42+00:00 Samir K. Panigrahi [email protected] <p>Human Recourse Management is an integral part of business management that consists of the most valuable part of an organization like human capital. In present situation the concept of HRM is based on the sustainability part of industrialization scope. Though the concept Green HRM is not new for us but till now we are incapable to utilize its full potential practicability in our organization. The concept Green HRM combined with the ecological system for business urbanization and industrialization and so on. The prime objective to introduce Green HRM practice is to reduce the carbon impression from each employee’s activity. Here Researchers try to focus on to describe the problems and prospects of Green HRM in Indian industrial scenario.</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Examining the Long-Term Effects of Demonetization on Digital Adoption In India 2023-08-19T07:16:58+00:00 Anusuya Biswas [email protected] Sunil Kumar [email protected] <p>The digital transformation has significantly contributed to the world by creating employment opportunities, minimizing carbon emissions, and building sustainable world. In India, the ‘Digital India’ drive and ‘Demonetisation’ have catalysed the digital revolution in the country. India became the second fastest growing digital economy across the world due to growing internet penetration, robust IT sector, rising smartphone, and demographic dividend. Although, demonetisation has given a big thrust to digital adoption in the country. The present study attempts to explore and examine the demand-side effects of demonetisation on digital adoption in the long run by using paired sample t-test. The findings reveal that demonetisation have significantly affected the digital adoption, usage of plastic money and m-wallet in the country.</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Empowering Women through Self Help Groups and Women Cooperatives- A Tool for Sustainable Development 2023-08-19T07:19:30+00:00 Nikita Arora [email protected] Rashmi A. Chawla [email protected] <p>Women Empowerment means empowering and emboldening women by political, legal, economic and social means. Women empowerment has been the major goal of every country. Today, Women is by no means less than men in any sphere of life. She contributes equally in the social and economic development of the nation. Both Government and Non-Government agencies play a major role in uplifting the status of women in society by introducing various schemes. Formation of Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) and Women Cooperatives are the various schemes adopted for women empowerment. One of the highlights is that, in India, ninety percent of the WSHGs and Cooperatives have paved the way to boost the confidence of women by providing them regular income facilities, education and training. The paper mainly attempts to study the role of SHGs and Women Cooperatives in women empowerment with the help of success stories of certain SHGs and Cooperatives and how it is one of the most powerful tools of sustainable development.</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The Study of Global Stock Markets during Pandemic Period 2023-08-19T07:22:36+00:00 Divya Gupta [email protected] Divyarth Gudlani [email protected] <p>Public Health Emergency of International Concern was declared on 30/01/2020 and Global Pandemic was declared on 11/03/2020. (WHO, 2020) Total COVID cases and deaths till July 1, 2022 have reached 55.2 Crores and 63.5 Lakhs respectively. (worldometers, 2022) This Pandemic has affected the world at social, psychological and economical level. (D. Khari et al, 2021) It was declared that the economic impact can be comparable to the Great Depression of 1930. (IMF, 2020) Our paper is studying the impact of the Pandemic on the global stock markets. Data of 7 indices (NIFTY 50, SENSEX, FTSE 100, S&amp;P 500, NIKKEI 225, SHANGHAI COMPOSITE INDEX &amp; BOVESPA) of different countries are used to analyse the results. It was found that the stock markets were impacted negatively in the beginning but constant efforts of Governments and other stakeholders led to constant improvement in the stock markets globally</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Corporate Governnace and its Impact: A Banks Specific Heterogenity Study 2023-08-19T07:31:37+00:00 Asif I. Asif [email protected] Lalit K. Sharma [email protected] <p>The Indian banking sector plays and contribute very crucial contribution in the growth and development of the country But if it is applied a good corporate governance practices, a good Corporate Governance bring change in the organization in term of releasing the responsibilities toward the shareholders, the present paper reveal the effect of CG on the performance of selected Indian banks with the help of data collected from 2007-08 to 2016-17 for a sample of eight selected banks of India. The data was analyzed with the help of Panel Data Regression and Pearson correlation along with SPSS, Eviews and Gretl , the present research has consider return on equity (ROE) as performance variable while BRDSZ, BRDIND, FRBM and CAPAR were used as variables of corporate governance, the research has concluded that there is no relationship of board size, frequency of board meetings, and capital adequacy ratio but positive significant impact of board independency on return on equity was revealed.</p> 2023-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023